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Secret Sauce and Tasty Temptation

I wrote this piece when contemplating the interplay between barriers to entry (against competition) and barriers to adoption (by customers and the market).  It was published today in the Irish Times.   I had spoken on the same topic way … Continue reading

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Why Chatbots threaten disruption

This piece was published in the Irish Times on April 18th last. Do you care which one ? Sometimes, a pizza is just a pizza, isn’t it ? A taxi is just a taxi, as long as it turns up … Continue reading

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Can Machines Think? DeepMind

This piece appeared in the Irish Times on March 28th last. Can machines think? Well, what does it mean ‘to think’? Thinking about thought is a journey into philosophy. Instead Alan Turing asked a different question in 1950: can machines … Continue reading

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Engineering appreciation

I wrote this piece because I feel that we are too often we taught narrow paths,  by teachers who themselves have a limited perspective.   There is beauty in most things,  if we can calm ourselves to look;   and there are parallels … Continue reading

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Singapore’s vs Ireland’s start-up ecosystems

A recent visit to Singapore inspired me to put pen to paper on a comparison with Ireland as a start-up ecosystem.  This was published on 8th February 2016: You’re a start-up executive and have opened your company in the heart … Continue reading

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How well has the Irish Government done for Innovation in the last five years?

The current Irish Government has reached the end of its natural life and an election has been announced for the end of February.   I wrote this piece for January 17th when asked to review the performance of the Government on … Continue reading

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Technology Review of 2015

Asked to summarise the year by my editor,  I wrote this piece for the Irish Times for the 21st December: How significant a year has 2015 been for the computer industry?

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