Comment Policy

I moderate comments on my blog.

I use wordpress’s spam filter to routinely sideline comments which appear to be inappropriate.   Occasionally a valid comment gets automatically kicked aside by WordPress,  and so now and again – very infrequently – I take a look in the trash bucket to see whether this has in fact happened – and retrieve the comment if so.

I prohibit and assign as spam,  comments which are,  in my view,  potentially defamatory to individuals or to organisations.  I likewise prohibit offensive or inappropriate language.

Other than that:  delighted to get any comments !


3 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. Roy Johnston says:

    Thanks Chris for the opportunity to comment. I have just recently joined, and am trying to find my way around. I see there is a rudimentary indexing system in the RH column, with many categories arranged alphabetically, the makings, perhaps, of a rudimentary parametric indexing system. If these were grouped, under suitable headers, like ‘events’, ‘locations’, ‘firms’, ‘technologies’…etc (I will not try now to do a full list) the categories you have would be ‘values’ of a set of distinct named parameters. One could then search this with a requirement profile, specifying a set of parameter values relevant to one’e interest.

    We are here in Coastline thinking in terms of developing a user-friendly toolbox, such as to enable a reasonably computerate domain expert to develop a parametric index for a relevant knowledge-base. It is a matter of adapting the indexing procedure and search engine which we have developed for Analog Devices catalog lookup for general-purpose use, in about 40 distinct parameters. The Analog user interface is highly customised, but we think it should be possible for a domain expert to do a DIY customistation of a search interface for any relevant KB, such, for example, as your blog, which would be a good demo example.

    Would you like to discuss this further? Perhaps by direct e-mail.


    • chrisjhorn says:

      I need to do a much better job on the “categories” on the RH side of the page — and will when I get some breathing space!

      I find existing search engines do a reasonable job on the blog contents, and of course I have a “search” box included in the RH column. I’m also involved in Sophia


  2. Roy Johnston says:

    Sophia has been around for some time and is a good general purpose system. What I have in mind is a system enabling precise recognition of a required chunk of knowledge or experience in a a well-defined specialised domain. It involves meta-tags, each of which is a value of a named parameter characterising a dimension of a defined knowledge-structure. Perhaps however this process relates to an archive of papers rather than a blog, the content of the latter perhaps being diffuse, provisional and/or ephemeral. I am open to suggestions for domains where the concept might usefully be piloted.

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