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Tim Draper and Jimmy Wales

Wonderfully,  both Tim Draper and Jimmy Wales are visiting Dublin in the next couple of weeks to give public lectures.. Advertisements

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Building Cathedrals from Bazaars

I wrote this as part of my work for Cloudsmith. It is a follow up of my earlier posting a few weeks ago. In summary, Cloudsmith lets you browse and find useful bundles of software components which work together – … Continue reading

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The Long Tail Wags

What kicked of this blog entry for me were some reflections I had as I chaired a one day conference, with a preceding half day workshop, a couple of weeks ago, which was organized in Galway by Fidelity Investments, on … Continue reading

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Cloudsmith goes live!

As some of you may know, I regularly holiday just outside Roundstone in Connemara. I’ve just come back to Dublin yesterday after some time there again. If you haven’t yet been to the west of Ireland, I think one of … Continue reading

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Professional software business management

I was on a long haul flight last weekend, from Hong Kong to San Francisco – one of those wonderful flights where you land before you take off – on the way to the next installment of the Leadership For … Continue reading

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Built To Last

There’s an interesting interview with Niall McCullough, architect, yesterday in the Irish Times weekend magazine, about the new version of his book “Dublin: An Urban History” (unfortunately the Irish Times online is only premium paid-for content so I can only … Continue reading

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SOA Guardianship and SOA Governance

How do you change an entire nation ? It’s a topical and fascinating discussion to have over a coffee, and clearly is preoccupying a number of people right now. You may be aware elsewhere from this blog that I have … Continue reading

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