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‘Heartbleed’ post-mortem

I wrote this article on what happened leading up to the ‘Heartbleed’ bug,  and the consequences,  for the Irish Times for May 12th last. Just before midnight on New Years Eve 2011, one of four software developers at OpenSSL Software … Continue reading

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Open Data

I wrote this piece on Open Data for the Irish Times,  which was published on the 24th June last.   In it I observe some of the challenges entrepreneurs may face in building their businesses on Open Data,  and how … Continue reading

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Why is Software Engineering so hard ?

As pro bono President of Engineers Ireland for the last 12 months,  one of the privileges of the work was to prepare and give my “Presidential Address”,  in fact on numerous occasions across the country and in London. I chose … Continue reading

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Boxing above your weight

I reproduce below an invited keynote talk which I gave this morning at a seminar organised the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre in University College Cork, on the general topic of entrepreneurship and start-ups. I subsequently also gave it to a group … Continue reading

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Building Cathedrals from Bazaars

I wrote this as part of my work for Cloudsmith. It is a follow up of my earlier posting a few weeks ago. In summary, Cloudsmith lets you browse and find useful bundles of software components which work together – … Continue reading

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Open Source, China and Microsoft

This was the basis for an invited keynote I was to give at the OS Summit in Hong Kong at the end of this month: but the conference has now been postponed until sometime in 2008.

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Think Liquidity.

Professional investors understand liquidity. They understand asset backed securities, and they understand the risks when assets subsequently emerge to be poorer quality than they were represented to be. Sub-prime assets can be embarrassingly illiquid and career changing. In the world … Continue reading

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