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Think Liquidity.

Professional investors understand liquidity. They understand asset backed securities, and they understand the risks when assets subsequently emerge to be poorer quality than they were represented to be. Sub-prime assets can be embarrassingly illiquid and career changing. In the world … Continue reading

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Built To Last

There’s an interesting interview with Niall McCullough, architect, yesterday in the Irish Times weekend magazine, about the new version of his book “Dublin: An Urban History” (unfortunately the Irish Times online is only premium paid-for content so I can only … Continue reading

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SOA Guardianship and SOA Governance

How do you change an entire nation ? It’s a topical and fascinating discussion to have over a coffee, and clearly is preoccupying a number of people right now. You may be aware elsewhere from this blog that I have … Continue reading

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Lean Software Services

In my previous post, I discussed a key challenge facing executives, such as the real VP, K-san, who in principle wish to generate value by adopting SOA across their enterprise. I summarized how Lean Manufacturing and Lean Design gives Toyota … Continue reading

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