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LeCayla bought by OpSource

OpSource’s acquisition of LeCayla was announced today. Conor Halpin and I met with OpSource in Santa Clara late last year, and I was immediately impressed by Treb Ryan and his team. LeCayla’s business has been growing to the extent that … Continue reading

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The Long Tail Wags

What kicked of this blog entry for me were some reflections I had as I chaired a one day conference, with a preceding half day workshop, a couple of weeks ago, which was organized in Galway by Fidelity Investments, on … Continue reading

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Self-Service Software As (And?) A Service

It is an interesting time for the world of “Software As A Service”. At some sort of cerebral level, Dell has been an inspiration for those contemplating a SaaS go-to-market strategy. Dell was renowned in the PC industry for largely … Continue reading

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Software as a Service (SaaS) business models

The Irish have always been blessed with the “gift of the gab” – a propensity to talk a lot. We even have some data to confirm it, according to the mobile phone operators here in Ireland. Ireland has consistently had … Continue reading

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Gee, welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by. A little about me: electronics engineer, then got into software. Co-founded IONA back in Feb. 1991, along with Annrai O’Toole and Sean Baker. Was CEO from then until 2000, including taking … Continue reading

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