Tim Draper and Jimmy Wales

Wonderfully,  both Tim Draper and Jimmy Wales are visiting Dublin in the next couple of weeks to give public lectures..

Tim Draper is arguably the best venture capitalist in Silicon Valley – ranked as such by Always On in 2008.  He’s famous for his investments in Skype,  Hotmail and Overture – amongst others.  He currently manages about 7B$ in tech companies in the US and Asia (why not Ireland………….).

Tim is here on Friday 20th November next,  7.30pm at the TCD Edmund Burke theatre but you need to book immediately.   The event is likely to be heavily oversubscribed. Book here.

Tim is followed the next week – same time,  same place – by Jimmy Wales,  the founder of Wikipedia!   Again,  if you want to go along to this lecture, book right now at here.

Both Tim and Jimmy are here thanks to the great work,  initiative and connections of Paddy Cosgrave – he deserves our immense thanks….

PS – my original version of this post had these lectures as free – I was wrong!!  Apologies,  and thanks to Piaras Kelly for bringing this to my attention…


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